Following on from the conversation about choosing a niche subject; having a very specific focus will allow you to become very specific about your potential audience, then sending that audience to your website or social pages so you can convert them into customers.


Your ideal traffic will be people who; have an interest in the subject you are covering and they have a need which remains unfulfilled which you will provide the solution or answer.


At this early stage of establishing your online business, one of the most important jobs is; your research into your potential market, verifying that there is a definite need for the solution you provide and that these people have money to pay for your product or service.


You also must understand that the Internet is now a place where you should “give in order to receive”, you will need to demonstrate your expertise in delivering the solution by providing your audience with proof in the form of valuable free information.


Ideally this information will allow them to take instant action and improve their situation immediately and without cost - Called “Results in Advance”


In the late 1990’s it was quite possible to publish a web page and immediately start selling an e-book or a service, requesting a purchase immediately.


Today there are a lot of poor products available online that have caused a great deal of damage to the reputation of online marketing and ecommerce.


Which means you should work to establish a rapport and relationship with your audience online and to eventually convert them into eager customers over a long period.


You can still try to sell to “cold” customers but the effort and cost will be a lot higher because the conversion rate from lead to customer will be very low, so you might as well do it properly from the beginning. Create a relationship, show your skill and follow up with product recommendations – it’s more natural and the way it works out in the real world.


People need to know, like, and trust you!


It is essential that you can get this mindset established in your business from the beginning if you want to create a business that can support you well into the future, you must be determined to provide your customers with the highest possible value you can achieve over an extended period.


If you are just starting out with an online business your webpages will take some time to appear in the organic search engine results, therefore the quickest way you can generate traffic, that is targeted on your niche subject, is to choose one of the paid options (see PPC). You will start with a very small budget initially (e.g. 20 to 50 EUR/USD/GBP) to test your online business system and offer.


You must test the effectiveness of your imagery and sales copy. You will also be testing the attractiveness of your free content, which will be designed to establish you as an authority and to let your prospective customers get to “know, like and trust you” (KLT).


Once you have completed testing with a low risk financial strategy (small budget) and you have made the necessary tweaks and adjustments to your online assets you will be ready to start increasing your investment in traffic generation.


You must also note that generating and analysing the statistics relating to all your actions, text and images, is essential and will become one of your highest priorities.


In the early days, you should continually monitor all feedback and be ready to pause campaigns, if you’re not getting results, and make the necessary adjustments to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


We will discuss PPC (pay per click) strategies, statistics and the use of social media video to generate traffic in more detail later.


Step 2  - Action Tasks & Resources


Visit for live links to all of these recommended Resources.


1.    List the potential problems people have in your niche

2.    List all the possible solutions to those problems

3.    Conduct searches on Google or Bing to see what’s being searched for in your niche

4.    Also use the search engines to see what solutions are being offered

5.    Use the search engines to see your competitors in the niche and look at their websites and product or service offers to fully understand the market you are entering.

6.    Open Google AdWords account

7.    Open Bing Keyword Research account




Google Keyword Tools

Bing Keyword Tool



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9 Action Steps

Here are the key steps of ONLINE! SUCCESS The Fundamentals You can click the links below or download the complete eBook below;


The Foundation – “The sales funnel”

Action Step 1 - Choose a Niche Subject

Action Step 2 - Targeted Traffic

Action Step 3 - Online Capture of Leads

Action Step 4 – Give a Gift

Action Step 5 - Automatic Email Delivery

Action Step 6 - Products

Action Step 7 - Getting paid

Action Step 8 - Your primary activity is Marketing

Action Step 9 - Get a Domain Name & Hosting

Conclusion and Recap



Click Here for Action Step 3 - Online Capture of Leads

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